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Welcome to my new family history site! Through the site I hope to be able to share the many years of research I have accumulated. It's very much in its infancy and will receive regular updates. Currently only a small fraction of the ancestors I know about are on the site, and not all of them have all the information I have on them added or have been fully sourced yet.

Please see the tree notes for more information and if you want any further information or would like to contribute to the tree drop me a message via the "Contact Us" option below.

Tree Notes

Ancestor Stories

I plan to write up some Ancestor stories in the coming months. I'll start with ancestors that have featured in my genealogy coursework.

Watch this space for news of the first one!

Family of George Bevis & Adelaide Goodyear

This family photo is one of my favourite old photos and dates to c.1900. My Great Grandfather Herbert Charles Bevis is the little one on his mother's lap. No trousers at that age in them days for little boys!



Key research interests

Some of the more recent categories from my blog for subjects being actively worked on.

Discover my Great Grandparents

Herbert & Elsie Bevis

I vaguely remember Herbert & Elsie from when I was a child but I didn't know them well. There are a few family photographs of me as a child with them and I know I was the youngest in attendance at their Golden Wedding celebrations. Their branch of my family is the local one and mostly found in Andover & St Mary Bourne, Hampshire along with some other local villages some branches trace back to villages near Marlborough, Wiltshire and Newbury, Berkshire.

Henry & Agnes Rose

I have some very vague memories of a big lady visiting my Nan when I was little which was Agnes but as I was just 5 when she died that's it. Henry died before I was born. They were from Bristol and I do remember heading off to the family home in York Road, as the house stayed in the family after Agnes' death. This branch of my family is all from Bristol, Somerset & Gloucestershire. The Rose family in particular has a large presence in Freshford, Somerset and the Higgs could be found in the Stapleton & Fishponds villages in Gloucestershire. Many of the villages that this branch were from have been swallowed up by Bristol over the years.

Henry & Catherine Canning

Henry died before I was born and although I didn't meet her many times I do remember Catherine as she didn't die until 1990, they were from Northern Ireland. There is a photo of me and my brothers with her c.1986 which I believe would have been the last time she visited England. She lived in Londonderry and was born near the Giants Causeway in Antrim. It was Catherine's family that sparked my interest in family history as her son William, my Grandfather gave me a copy of her family tree back in 1978. It's now very fragile and very stained but still in my possession. Her family is from Antrim with possible earlier connections to Londonderry. Henry's family are first found in Donegal in the Taughboyne area.

Fred & Isabella Ingham

Mystery surrounds Fred & Isabella! Isabella died when my Nan was a child and she went to live with an Aunt & Uncle. My Mum and her siblings never met their grandad. We have no idea how much contact my Nan had with her father if any after she moved in with her Aunt & Uncle, she gave her Uncles name on her marriage certificate. What we do know about this family has all been learnt through research and from the occasional contact made with extended family. Fred was from Lancashire and his family moved to Northumberland 1898/99 they were a family of Coal Miners. Isabella's family were a mining family in Northumberland. It currently looks like the research into Isabella's family is heading to Scotland.

My paternal grandparents photo collection

Digitising and restoring my paternal grandparents photo collection is one of my on going projects. The earliest photos in the collection date to the early 1930s. I've had the photos since 2008 but until this year had only taken notice of my Grandad's military and my Nan's ATS & Robertson Jam Factory ones. It was really exciting a few months ago when I realised that I had photos of my Nan as a child.

The collection has lots of social history in it with beach snaps in the 1950s, day trips to historic places like Windsor Castle, and the first family holiday for my Dad & Uncle c. 1962 at Portland Bill, Dorset.

Top 100 Surnames

Surnames, we all have one! The further we go back in time the more we find that have contributed to who we are today.

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